SOAP Goods Creative

No career path is a straight line. Our life experiences, diverse paths, and varied backgrounds are our foundation and strength as a team of professional creatives. Together, our individual strengths, ideas, tools and talents combine to create SOAP Goods Creative


Kristy Gomez
Co Founder + Communications Strategist

Kristy is a veteran communications strategist who likes pushing the envelope in pursuit of creative, innovative and culture driven communication strategies.

When not using her PR and journalism degrees for SOAP Goods, she illustrates and helps organize the Donuts Are Forever Tributes + Fundraisers as a partner in Rare Form.

As our communications strategist, she is the lead on all communications projects.

SPECIALTIES: Communications Strategy. Content + Social Strategy. Marketing. Copywriting. Event Planning. Illustration.

For MailChimp by Jason Travis

For MailChimp by Jason Travis

George Gomez
Co Founder + Creative Director

Born and raised in New York City, George is a fan of few things, but is passionate about what he loves. After leaving F.I.T. for the music industry, his commercial design training led to design collaborations for a variety of artists and brands.

As SOAP Goods’ Creative Director, George handles the visual heavy lifting on our projects. Also, Part-time model.

SPECIALTIES: Brand Identity. Graphic Design. Package Design. Apparel Design. Creative Consulting.